We are going to share how the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) leverages on its 1-to-1 ICT-enabled programme to incorporate student-directed learning (SDL) and collaborative learning (CoL) in its design of the home-based learning experience for the digital natives during its eLearning week.

It highlights SST's belief that the learning experience of our digital natives should be natural (to them) and seamless; learning can take place anytime, anywhere. Home-based learning is no longer confined to just attempting tasks in the a 'confined' virtual environment where learners only 'interact' with computer or the learning management system.

We would share our approach, what we take into consideration when designing such experience. This includes learners' readiness and prior experience, teacher professional development and technology to be deployed (to support SDL and CoL). In addition, how the activity supports the learning objectives of the curriculum.

This would be illustrated through several lessons implemented. We would also share our learning points, students' feedback and challenges.

Reflection by {Chan Jing Jie}

It is indeed my honour and privilege for me to take part in the Research Conference at NIE and the Inaugural Jurong Symposium this year, which gave me an enriching experience and a chance to stand on a stage and present to a crowd of teachers and educators from Singapore. In addition, it also allowed me to nurture different skills along the way.

The Preparation
Before the event itself, we had to arrange periods of time to meet up with our teacher-in-charge, Ms Loh, whereby we had discussion sessions with her on the content of the upcoming presentation of homE-based Learning in a Whole New Way, what are our roles as students in this presentation, and how to deliver our learning experiences of eLearning smoothly.

At home, during my own free time, I would practice the presentation again and again, repeatedly so as to familiarise with what I was going to say and how to put across my learning experience.

Actual Event - Presentation
On the actual day of the event itself, I was well-prepared and ready to present to the international educators and teachers and researchers at NIE. I was mentally prepared for the presentation, however, I still did feel tense and nervous, presenting in front of a big crowd. Moreover, it was an international conference, which emphasizes on the severity of this event.

For the actual presentation, I was tense and nervous during the process and my legs trembled. Although I knew the content well, I was still afraid and lack the confidence of presenting. But still, I managed to speak fluently and shared my learning experiences with the teachers and educators about eLearning in SST itself. I survived the ordeal and was delivered the content and key messages successfully.

Things that you have done well
I manage to say my piece, and deliver the contents in the presentation, well-elaborated and filled with examples. It was also clear and easy for the educators to understand. I was confident in the presentation, even though I was nervous in the process.

Things that you could have done better
I could have cope with my nervousness and conquer my fear of speaking in front of an audience. Apart from that, I could have speak slower, with less pauses, so that it would be more fluent. In addition, I should also try to keep the right body language at all times when presenting.

What is your KEY TAKEAWAY have learnt - in participation of such event
I did not really have a key takeaway, apart from the fact that I learnt to speak more confidently infront of an audience even though I might be nervous. What I truly gain is a whole brand new experience. Presenting in such a huge International Research Conference is a one-in-a-lifetime chance that should be treasured. This experience allowed me to learn more about presentations, especially in front of a huge crowd. This enriching and memorable experience given to me is truly enjoyable.