We are going to share how the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) leverages on its 1-to-1 ICT-enabled programme to incorporate student-directed learning (SDL) and collaborative learning (CoL) in its design of the home-based learning experience for the digital natives during its eLearning week.

It highlights SST's belief that the learning experience of our digital natives should be natural (to them) and seamless; learning can take place anytime, anywhere. Home-based learning is no longer confined to just attempting tasks in the a 'confined' virtual environment where learners only 'interact' with computer or the learning management system.

We would share our approach, what we take into consideration when designing such experience. This includes learners' readiness and prior experience, teacher professional development and technology to be deployed (to support SDL and CoL). In addition, how the activity supports the learning objectives of the curriculum.

This would be illustrated through several lessons implemented. We would also share our learning points, students' feedback and challenges.

Reflection by {Abhimanyu Arora}

I am proud that I have presented in the Research Conference at NIE and the Inaugural Jurong Symposium this year, which gave me a very pleasant experience and an opportunity to present my thoughts and opinions to a crowd. I also heard others present on how they teach and I was very impressed.

The Preparation
Before our presentation we met up together a few times with our teacher Miss Loh so as to discuss what we will talk about and the content of the presentation and how to deliver our content to our audience.

At home I prepared whenever I could to remember what I had to say.

Actual Event-Presentation
On the day of the event, I was very confident that my presentation will go very well. I was not at all nervous as I knew I had prepared well. But I was a bit anxious as well because there would be a big crowd and the fact that it would be an International Conference which made me more anxious.

But everything turned out well and the crowd was not as big as I had thought it to be. I was very calm and composed. It was a relief when my presentation was over and I had delivered my key points nicely.

Things that you have Done Well
I had managed to say my content well and I elaborated my examples pretty well and the educators understood me easily.

Things that you could have Done Better
I agree that while presenting I was a bit stiff and did not move around much. I could have relaxed more and not be so stressed.

What is the KEY TAKEAWAY have learnt - in Participation of such an Event
The main key takeaway was the experience I got from presenting as it was in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I also got to know how other schools teach their students and I gained more knowledge and it was worthwhile.